Feb 16, 2022

Flores defense names "real killer"

Fontaine murder trial: Day 6

Defendant Benito Flores, Attorney Pam Lipscomb,
Defense suspect Grant Fontaine
All eyes in Oxford have been on the Benito Flores trial that started last week.

A month ago, the Flores defense team held a press conference to announce they had identified Philip Fontaine's "real killer," but they have steadfastly refused to name that person ever since, saying the culprit would be unmasked in court.

Now, Oxonians know who the defense is implicating and how they're doing it. Monday afternoon, Ms. Lipscomb told reporters,

Yesterday, Benito Flores took the stand and gave his version of what happened the night Philip Fontaine was killed.

Flores claimed he met Grant Fontaine in the parking lot of a local restaurant that night and sold Grant some cocaine, both of which Flores had previously denied on multiple occasions.

Flores alleged that Grant was furious with his father for punching him that evening and swore he wasn't going to "let the old man get away with it this time." Flores said Grant left with the cocaine, saying he was going home to teach his father a lesson.

Flores told the court that after he reflected on the situation for several minutes, he was worried about Philip Fontaine's safety so he followed Grant to the Fontaine residence, now admitting he was at the scene which he'd also previously denied.

Flores said he found a door ajar upon arrival and entered the house, where he discovered Grant "all coked up."

Flores claimed he tried to stop Grant from escaping, at which time the two men got into a physical altercation before Grant got away, leaving Flores with what he described as "minor cuts and bruises."

Flores said he went into the Fontaine kitchen to clean up his injuries and found Philip Fontaine bleeding on the floor. Flores claimed he tried to help the elder Fontaine and acknowledged he may have touched the murder knife while doing so.

Flores concluded his story by saying he became concerned when he realized Fontaine was dead that he might be blamed and fled the scene.

After Flores completed his direct testimony, court adjourned for the day. He is expected back on the stand today for cross-examination.

Last night, Flores attorney Pamela Lipscomb spoke exclusively with the Crime Beat about yesterday's dramatic revelations.

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