Jun 2, 2013

Rebel Inn finger identified

Fingerprint IDs Thumb
The finger that was discovered on May 26, 2013 at the Rebel Inn has now been positively identified via fingerprint match using previous arrest records. The Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department confirmed yesterday that the finger belonged to Oscar Knight of Tupelo, Mississippi.

"The Department reached out to law enforcement agencies across the state and across the country in an effort to identify the thumb," said Elizabeth Jones, public information officer for the YCSD. "It turned out that the Tupelo Police Department had relevant information, which they shared with us in the spirit of cooperation that is well-established between Mississippi jurisdictions."

"Despite public speculation, investigators have suspected that the finger was Oscar Knight's for some time now," Jones added. "Now that we know who it belonged to, we can move on to why and who was responsible."

When asked if the body parts found in Lamar Park on May 30, 2013, also belonged to Oscar Knight, Jones said, "At this time, the Coroner and the Crime Lab are still processing evidence from both scenes, and we have no official connection between the two scenes for now."

With this new information, it seems the investigation will be heading in a different direction. We hear that all of the parts that have been discovered to date are male, though no law enforcement source has been willing to speculate on the record about whether they all came from the same person.

Mr. Knight's family has been contacted but declined to give a statement.

The positive identification of the thumb perhaps raises more questions than it answers. Did Oscar Knight lose his thumb in a battle with an unknown victim? Or an unknown assailant?

When will the YCSD tell Oxonians what's really going on?


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