Jun 3, 2013

More body parts at Lamar Park?

Lamar Park
The start of summer is turning particularly gruesome this year with word that even more body parts were found in Lamar Park earlier today.

Kyle Parker, a popular physical trainer in town, tells the Crime Beat that he found the bag while walking a friend's dog. "At first, I didn't know what the dog had found, but I knew it didn't smell very good," Parker said. "But after what they found at the park last week, I knew I had to do my civic duty and call 911. I like to do everything I can to assist the lovely and talented detectives at the sheriff's department."

Elizabeth Jones, the public information officer for the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department, confirmed the find. "A dog found a package at Lamar Park this morning that contains possible human remains. There is a forensic team on site searching the area. We ask the public for their cooperation and understanding as portions of Lamar Park my have reduced accessibility in the coming days."

With the discovery of a severed finger at the Rebel Inn last month and suspected feet, legs and arms at the park last week, Oxonians are asking a lot of questions about where and who these body parts came from and how they got to the locations where they were found. And what does the sheriff's department believe the connection is between these body parts and the missing man they've been looking for, Oscar Knight.

Jones said the YCSD has not yet located Knight, who was staying in the Rebel Inn room where the finger was found and has not been seen since May 25th. The YCSD is asking anyone who has any information about Knight to contact them.

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